The concept of Bellaluna is based on upcycling - the ecological use of discarded material or parts of products.


Light is thus a manifestation of a clear attitude towards pollution and waste, while it gains unique artistic value through specific design. The main element of the lamp is the glass lid from a washing machine door of different shapes and sizes which is complement by an elegant brass frame. In this new context signs of wear (on both materials) turn into precedence and guarantee the uniqueness of each piece. Small lines and scratches on the glass create fine and abstract structures that contrast with the metallic patina ring. The lamp has an overall subtle expression that enhances its completely invisible connection of both main elements and pendant system. Bellaluna is visually interesting and subtle at the same time. It can excel in cafes, hotel lobbies as well as homes and residences.

The dimensions are as follows: the diameter of the circle ranges from 220 - 380 mm, the depth is 45 - 85 mm. The length of the self-supporting cord can be adjusted to individual needs.

The product weights around 6 kg.

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